About knit by moltrup

My products and values

I work based on principles of sustainability, high quality and unique products. This is reflected in the two legs my company stands on:

Hand dyed yarn

I spend most of my time hand-dying yarn on delicious luxury bases. It can be merino and silk mohair, but also other more special bases such as Yak, Camel, Alpaca and silk.

I use acid dyes to dye my yarn. It might sound a bit dangerous, but the yarn is soaked in completely natural citric acid. This prepares the fibers so they are able to accept the color pigments I then apply by hand. It is a constant process to dye the yarn as sustainably as possible, and using as little water and electricity as I can get away with. In addition, I work based on a principle of the least possible waste, both during dyeing, but also in shipping and packaging.

That is why we have also set up solar cells on the roof of the workshop, like most of the production now

Solid color yarn

In addition to the hand-dyed yarn, I have also developed a line of plain colored yarn in different fiber compositions. For example, I have a Kid Silk, which is probably the best on the market and is available in a selection of beautiful colors that match the hand-dyed.

  • In addition, I have a more sustainable and "raw" approach to the other solid color yarn I have. It is, for example, Alpaca, which has not been processed very much, and therefore has not gone through many processes. It is a super soft, but also unrefined yarn. The plain yarn has a lot of different certifications that ensure proper conditions for both animals and people, and a climate and environmental awareness that ensures that the production has the least possible impact on our planet.