Fiber types

All fibers have different properties and are good for different projects. It is important to know your fibers so that you get the best possible result in the finished knit.


Soft and light yarn with an enormous warmth/weight ratio.
No elasticity, but nice fall.

Beautiful natural colors.

Long fibers - 18-15 mic.


Good versatile fiber type, with good elasticity (if untreated). Relatively short and soft fibers, 17-25 mic.

The sheep are shorn twice a year for best results.



Long fibers with curl. Incredibly strong and shiny. Young animals have the softest fibers (20-24 microns)

Cut twice a year for the softest yield. The longer the fibers, the softer.



Soft and temperature regulating. Short fibers from the inner down that are collected or brushed off. Beautiful golden brown natural color.

16-18 mics.


Soft and warm. Short fibers from the inner down layer that are collected or brushed off. Nice dark brown/grey colour.

16-18 mics.

The line

Plant fibers from the long stems.
Has a cooling effect and is incredibly strong. Has no elasticity.


Incredibly long protein fibers from the summer fluke larva. Soft, shiny and incredibly strong.

No elasticity


Delicious luxury fibers from the inner down layer from the goat. Collect or brush off.

Low micron below 18.